Do we oppose the Gateway Pacific Project?

Our organization is not taking a position on the project at this time. We are looking out for the interests of Bellingham based on the assumption that this or some future terminal proposal will be realized. We recognize that the addition of a second much larger terminal to the project is the major source of concern along with the commodity it will handle, coal.

Are we just NIMBY ignoring citizens outside Bellingham?

No, while our focus is Bellingham we believe the information we gather and organize can be useful to others and when we develop actions, such as contacting decision makers for to request expansion of the scope for the EIS, we provide links for non-Bellingham versions.

Some wonder if, in asking that the alternate BNSF route from Burlington to Sumas be included in the studies, we are not just hoping to move the problems elswehere. We do not suppose that a constant flow of coal trains along this Farmland Route would prove to have acceptable impacts. We believe, rather, that there should be a thorough review of all potential impacts including those on residents and existing industries in east county. The reality of the situation is that that BNSF already owns this track.  BNSF could choose to use it now or in the future, with or without a new spur to Custer.

What About Exporting Coal to Asia and “Big Picture” Issues?

Our organization is focused on local community impacts in order to be able to do a better job and to include more people in the conversation. We are all volunteers, with no paid staff so we need to limit our scope to what we can reasonably hope to accomplish.

We have supporters with differing views on coal export.  For these larger issues we will provide short summaries and provide links to the organizations that are dealing with  questions from all perspectives.

Who are we?

We are a grass roots community organization that came together in early March of 2011 in order to better understand the real world long term impacts of the Gateway Pacific Terminal project on our community. You will find additional information and short biographies of our Advisory Board here.