New Report on GPT and Local Economic Impacts

The Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal and Key Impact Issues for the Whatcom County Economy By PFM Group 

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Key Report Findings:
  • Whatcom Countys quality of life second paycheck could be damaged by GPTs coal train impacts, thereby hurting the local economy.
  • Property values in Whatcom County neighborhoods adjacent to the train tracks could decrease with GPTs increased train traffic, as has occurred in other areas.
  • Bellingham home sales data since 2011 suggests that GPTs proposal to double local train traffic may already be decreasing property values in rail side neighborhoods.
  • New data indicates that GPTs job creation projections are likely overstated.
  • The prospect of GPT impacts may already be hurting Whatcom Countys ability to attract talent and grow the economy.

The Communitywise Bellingham Report Series:

Since 2012, Communitywise Bellingham has commissioned and produced a series of reports on the GPT proposal. The goal of the report series is to provide our communities and decision makers with data-based information on GPT’s local impacts, including topics that are not being studied in the coal port’s official environmental review.